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Michelle Goldenberg

Michelle Goldenberg

Office Manager

Michelle Goldenberg moved to Hollywood, FL from Toronto, ON, Canada just over a year ago, after marrying her husband who grew up in South Florida.

She graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a specialization in Human Resources from McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, Canada. She enjoys hanging out with friends, networking & volunteering in the community.

Michelle’s role as office manager includes completing Real Estate documentation (contracts, leases, addendum etc.), Transaction Coordination, Social Media (FB posts, Blogging, & E-blasts), and more!

 Michelle came into his role after working in various positions in the field of Human Resources. She worked for the Toronto School Board, a hospital, an insurance company, and in the not for profit sector. Her greatest accomplishments include creating an Ergonomics program for a crown corporation and increasing employee engagement through employee engagement surveys.

Michelle has learnt a lot about real estate, is excited to continue growing in her role, & helping to build the business!