10 Tips On How To De-clutter Your Home Office!

March 11, 2022

10 Tips on How To De-Clutter Your Home Office

  •     Take a moment and get into the right state a mind. Declutter home Office can be an emotional and overwhelming experience for some. Go into this project, knowing its time to part with your acquired junk. You will be filling up an entire trash can of items. The more you can eliminate, the more successful and productive the experience will be.

Categorize Your Clutter

  • Categorize your clutter: Sort, move, and donate! Assemble separate piles of office supplies, books, paperwork, bills, charging cables, charging blocks, etc
  •     Have a trash can nearby ( a big one): after you’ve separated your mess, chose one pile and reduced it to only the items within that pile that bring you “ JOY” or satisfaction. If it’s a book, you haven’t picked up in years toss it! If it’s a highlighter that’s out of ink, a pen without a cap, a sticky note from last year, toss it! Do you need ten chargers and five USB cords? If so, roll them up and secure them in small zip ties.
  •     Separate paperwork into priority piles. Past due paperwork toss! Receipts for items that are older than a year toss it. Most electronics only have a standard one year manufactures warranty. Pending paperwork or relevant paperwork keep in a separate folder.
  •     Now once the junk has been disposed of, and Piles have been reduced to a year speck, remove all of the items from your desk to the floor or in another corner in the room
  •     Disconnect all printers, tangled cables, keyboards, and monitors, and place them on the floor nearby.
  • Now it’s time to break out the Lysol disinfectant wipes and clean all the nooks and crannies on your desk.
  • Once completed, start reconnecting your electronic devices one by one. Make sure they are dusted and wiped down before putting them back onto a clean desk. Any extra cord length should be fastened with small zip ties to prevent tangling.

Replacing Category

  • Start replacing each category of items onto your desk, one group at a time. Books first, then paperwork and folders, writing materials, and miscellaneous.
  • Lastly, when restoring your items to your desk, understand that everything has a place. Keep your things organized in a compartmentalized fashion and enjoy your neat and tidy workspace!


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