Condo vs Single Family Home
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Condo vs. Single Family Home: Which One is Right for You in Fort Lauderdale

Purchasing a home can be an exciting yet daunting experience. As a buyer in Fort Lauderdale, you are presented with several options that can make this process even more overwhelming. Single-family and condo homes are two of the most popular choices in the real estate market. While each offers its unique benefits, making a decision may be challenging. This blog post will take you through the differences between condo vs single family home and help you decide which fits your lifestyle best.

Privacy and Space

The single-family homes are known for their ample outdoor space and personal privacy. If you lead a lifestyle requiring occasional entertainment gatherings or have children, this option may be the best for you. On the contrary, condos offer a communal setting where the outdoor spaces are shared, and the premises look into the communal area, which, in return, offers less privacy.


Maintenance costs come into play when thinking about owning a property. The shared maintenance costs in condos are relatively low compared to single-family homes, where you are responsible for all the costs. However, it’s important to note that owning a condo means you must comply with certain maintenance regulations, which may come with additional fees.


The condo home living is most common in urban, high-density areas and often has more affordable, central locations. On the contrary, single-family homes are found in suburban areas, which are more expensive and may have long drives to the city center.


Condos are known for their luxurious amenities that offer a maintenance-free lifestyle to the residents. These amenities may include a gym, swimming pool, clubhouse, and ample parking space. Single-family homes generally only offer such amenities if it’s a gated community with provided amenities.


When it comes to affordability, condo homes are more budget-friendly as compared to single-family homes. The purchase price of townhouses is generally lower as you pay for the space within the confines of a building. On the other hand, single-family homes have higher buying prices, and you may also have to factor in costs such as lawn maintenance, utilities, and other expenses that come with owning a larger space.


What are the main differences between buying a condo and a single-family home in Fort Lauderdale?

Shared spaces and amenities often characterize condos in Fort Lauderdale, while single-family homes offer more privacy and personal outdoor space. The decision concerns your lifestyle preferences, maintenance expectations, and financial considerations.

Are specific neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale more conducive to condo living or single-family homes?

Yes, Fort Lauderdale has a variety of neighborhoods catering to different housing preferences. Condos are more prevalent downtown, while single-family homes are often found in suburban or waterfront communities. Exploring various neighborhoods to see the one that aligns with your housing preferences is essential.

What are the typical maintenance costs associated with condos and single-family homes in Fort Lauderdale?

Condo owners generally pay monthly homeowners’ association (HOA) fees that cover standard area maintenance, amenities, and building insurance. Single-family homeowners, on the other hand, are responsible for all maintenance costs. It’s crucial to factor in these expenses when budgeting for your new home in Fort Lauderdale.

How do property values and resale potential differ between condos and single-family homes in Fort Lauderdale?

While both property types can appreciate over time, the resale potential may vary. Single-family homes often have more autonomy regarding property improvements and tend to appreciate well. Depending on the market demand, condos can also offer good resale value. Working with a local real estate agent to assess current market trends is advisable.

What should I consider regarding lifestyle when deciding between a condo and a single-family home in Fort Lauderdale?

Condo living in Fort Lauderdale often provides a low-maintenance lifestyle with shared amenities like pools and gyms, making it ideal for those seeking a more communal atmosphere. Single-family homes offer more space, yards, and privacy, making them suitable for families or those who prefer a quieter environment. Consider your lifestyle priorities and how each option aligns with your preferences.


Choosing the right home for you is an important decision that requires you to consider several factors. Both condos and single-family homes are unique and offer distinct features. Whether you prioritize location, space, budget, or amenities, our insight into the differences will help you make the best decision for your lifestyle needs. We can assist you in finding your perfect home today. Contact us and let us help you discover what fits your budget and lifestyle.

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