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Why the Dotoli Group?


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“I started Dotoli Group after years of working with some of South Florida’s most successful real estate agents,” says Josh. “I assist my clients in making one of the biggest decisions in their entire life–buying or selling a home… It’s a significant transaction, and it matters who you work with within this business.”

Josh Dotoli is a lifelong real estate veteran! His first experiences in the real estate business came as a child watching his father build multi-million dollar mansions in his hometown in New Jersey. Fast forward 30 years, and what started as a childhood dream has turned into an unstoppable force. Josh earned his real estate license in 2009 and quickly earned the reputation of being among the most respected agents in South Florida.


Josh Dotoli’s outstanding service is kept top-of-mind by his unique marketing strategies that achieve unprecedented results for his clients. Delivering an unparalleled level of customer service has made him a favorite among hundreds of customers over the years and counting. His hard work, dedication, client-first approach, and persistence are only some of the reasons. Why he continues to be at the forefront of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate. His clients and friends have come to depend on him for his excellent advice, trustworthy friendship, and years of knowledge in one of the most competitive industries in the world.


Josh truly lives by the Dotoli principles: Excellence, Integrity, and Unparalleled Service. Through his exemplary service and commitment to excellence, he maintains his role as a leader in today’s real estate market and looks forward to the opportunity to work with you! Check out The 5-Star reviews about DOTOLI Group here!


“We exist to improve the lives of others through real estate”.

-Josh Dotoli

Josh Dotoli

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