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11 Best Coffee Shops Fort Lauderdale: A Comprehensive Guide

 Are you looking for the best coffee shops in Fort Lauderdale? Do you need a spot to grab a good cup of coffee, meet friends, or read up on some work? Look no further! With so many delicious options, deciding which café is just right can be challenging. To simplify things, we’ve compiled this list of our top picks for the best coffee shops in Fort Lauderdale. No matter what type of atmosphere you are after cozy and quiet or bustling with people – there will surely be something on this list that will suit your needs. 

1- Magnolia Caffee Shop

Are you looking for the perfect spot to grab coffee or catch up with friends? Look no further than Magnolia Caffee shops in Fort Lauderdale! Whether you’re looking for some alone time, want to have an intimate gathering, or need your daily dose of caffeine, Magnolia Caffee has everything you could ever want. Not only that but their passionate baristas and cozy atmosphere will make sure that you leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

 2- Java & Jam

If you’re in the mood for a great cup of coffee, head to Java & Jam Coffee Shop in Fort Lauderdale! This local favorite is known for its cozy atmosphere and specialty drinks made with care. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee drinks like cappuccinos, espressos, lattes, and macchiatos. With warm hospitality from the baristas and delicious treats, it’s no wonder why Java & Jam has become such a beloved spot among locals.

Whether you’re looking for an energizing espresso or something sweet like their signature donuts or pastries, this shop has it all! Experience what truly makes this place unique: taste perfection every time.

3- The Alchemist Cafe 

The Alchemist Café shop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers an oasis where you can relax, unwind, and treat yourself to some delicious food all at once. Whether you’re looking for coffee and snacks with friends or a more relaxed setting for lunch or dinner, this Cafe shop is ideal. Offering outdoor seating so you can bask in the sunshine while enjoying artisanal sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, and much more, what could be better? With tasty options for every appetite and a commitment to quality ingredients – Alchemist Café is the perfect place to kick back!

4- Circle Coffee House

 Whether you’re coming alone or with friends, Circle Coffee House will provide an inviting atmosphere and delicious drinks to keep you coming back. With a thoughtful selection of brews and specialty teas, expert baristas crafting beautiful lattes with intricate art designs, cozy seating areas perfect for conversation or study sessions – and much more – this independent cafe is worth visiting!

5- Undergrounds Coffeehaus

Are you a fan of coffee and culture? If so, then Fort Lauderdale’s Undergrounds Coffeehaus is the place to be! Located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, this trendy cafe serves delicious coffee amidst an environment that celebrates local art. Whether you are looking for a quiet spot to study or seeking an energizing night out with friends, Undergrounds Coffeehaus has something for everyone.

With its spacious seating area boasting outdoor terraces facing the beautiful waterways of Fort Lauderdale and the unforgettable smell of freshly brewed espresso emanating from the walls – it’s impossible not to be drawn in by all that this charming establishment has to offer!

6- Sip Java Co

This local hotspot serves delicious espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes and is also home to an array of tasty sweet treats like cupcakes, cookies, pies, and more. With its warm atmosphere and friendly baristas, Sip Java Co offers a delightful java journey that will both tantalize your taste buds and warm your soul. So, if you’re ready to plunge into a world of genuinely inspiring coffees, come down to Sip Java Co in Fort Lauderdale today!

7- Press And Grind Cafe

Are you looking for a warm, inviting place to relax and enjoy a delicious coffee or cappuccino? Then, come down to the Press & Grind Cafe in Fort Lauderdale, where we have created an atmosphere designed to make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk through our door. No matter what your drink preference is, espresso, latte, iced, or brewed coffee, there’s something here for everyone with our extensive menu and daily specials. Plus, with live music every Friday evening and free Wi-Fi access throughout the day, it’s easy to see why so many people choose us as their meeting spot!

8- Expresso Coffee Co

Do you live in the Fort Lauderdale area and love coffee? If so, you’re in for a treat! Expresso Coffee Co is an excellent new spot to try making your cup of joe. With its cozy atmosphere, friendly baristas, and delicious drinks, this shop will surely give any espresso lover something to cheer about. Best of all? The entire experience is tailored specifically to suit each customer’s individual preferences! So whether you like it classic or flavored with something special on the side—Expresso Coffee Co has got you covered.

9- Runway Cafe

This hidden gem is located on the edge of the runway at Fort Lauderdale Airport and offers stunning views that will take your breath away. Indulge in freshly prepared meals from their menu crafted by top-class chefs while taking in the sights around you. Utilizing fresh local ingredients, Jet Runway Cafe is dedicated to providing guests with delicious cuisine as they bask in sunshine year-round.

This cafe has something for everyone, whether it’s early-morning breakfast or late-night snacks and drinks. Best of all, they’re open seven days a week! Explore this outstanding restaurant and see what makes it one of FLA’s favorite eateries.

10-Village Cafe

If you’re looking for a unique cafe experience in Fort Lauderdale, Village Cafe should be at the top of your list! Located on South Federal Highway, this cozy spot surrounded by lush greenery is the perfect place to kick back and relax with good food and company. With its delicious espresso range served daily, warm hospitality from its friendly staff, and an endless variety of freshly baked goodies, there’s something for everyone here.

Whether after a light snack or a full lunchtime meal, you can rest assured that Village Cafe has covered it. But don’t just take our word for it – see what this charming cafe offers yourself!

11- Cyth & Co

The premier spot for all of your caffeine-craving needs! Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast looking to taste some of the finest blends from around the world or someone searching for a quiet place to study and relax, this is just the place for you. Our cozy shop features an extensive menu, including various espresso drinks and enticing teas, freshly baked pastries, smoothies, and much more.

Plus, with free Wi-Fi offered throughout our facility and plenty of comfortable seating inside the cafe and outdoors on our patio area, you can enjoy quality time with friends over a cup of hot chocolate (or coffee) while also getting work done if need be!


What are some of the best coffee shops in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale boasts a variety of exceptional coffee shops. A few standouts include “Brew Haven,” known for its artisanal blends, “Coastal Coffee Roasters,” offering a beachside experience, and “Artsy Aromas Café,” a creative hub with unique coffee concoctions.

Are any coffee shops in Fort Lauderdale offering vegan or plant-based options?

Absolutely! Many coffee shops in Fort Lauderdale understand the importance of catering to diverse dietary preferences. “Green Grind Café” is renowned for its vegan-friendly menu, serving delectable plant-based lattes and treats.

Do any coffee shops in Fort Lauderdale have cozy spaces to work or study?

Yes, several coffee shops in Fort Lauderdale provide comfortable workspaces. “Perk & Work Café” offers dedicated areas for remote work, complete with Wi-Fi and power outlets, creating an ideal environment for productivity.

Are there coffee shops in Fort Lauderdale that focus on sustainability?

Definitely! “EcoBrew Collective” is a prime example of a coffee shop committed to sustainability. They serve ethically sourced coffee beans and use eco-friendly packaging, making it a conscious choice for environmentally-conscious coffee lovers.

Can I find unique coffee merchandise in Fort Lauderdale’s coffee shops?

Absolutely! “Bean Souvenirs Emporium” is known for its collection of coffee-inspired merchandise. From quirky mugs and t-shirts to artisanal coffee beans, you can take a piece of Fort Lauderdale’s coffee culture home.


With so many great coffee shops in the Fort Lauderdale area, it takes time for a local to decide where to get their daily caffeine fix. All offer unique experiences with some of the best brews to make your decision easier. From luxurious interiors to outdoor patios or grabbing your favorite cup-to-go, these spots will surely cover whatever mood you bring each morning. Check them out for yourself and start exploring!


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