Is Fort Lauderdale Better Than Miami
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Is Fort Lauderdale Better Than Miami: A Home Buyer’s Guide

When people think of South Florida, they often think of Fort Lauderdale and Miami – two major cities that offer a tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and a fast-paced lifestyle. However, knowing more than surface-level attractions is important if you buy a home and settle in the region. That’s why we’ve compared the benefits of buying a home in Fort Lauderdale versus buying one in Miami. Keep reading to find out why Fort Lauderdale might be your better choice.


Fort Lauderdale is generally known to have less traffic congestion than Miami. This is particularly beneficial for families with school-going children, as schools and shopping centers are more easily accessible without spending too much time in traffic. While both Fort Lauderdale and Miami are known for having heavy traffic, Miami’s larger population means that traffic can be a more significant issue there than in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re looking for an area with less congested roads, focus your search on Fort Lauderdale. Additionally, Fort Lauderdale has better public transportation options, such as the Sun Trolley, which covers more than ten routes in Fort Lauderdale.

Lower Cost of Living

Fort Lauderdale is more affordable than Miami in terms of both property taxes and overall cost of living. Homebuyers get more for their money here, with the average home cost in Fort Lauderdale being $10,000 to $20,000 less than that of Miami. Fort Lauderdale has lower property taxes and fewer fees, making it more budget-friendly than its counterpart.


Fort Lauderdale offers a laid-back lifestyle with relaxed beaches and exciting outdoor activities. It’s perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Miami while still enjoying the tropical climate. And while Miami may have more nightlife options, Fort Lauderdale still has excellent dining and entertainment options for those wanting fun.

Employment and Education

Fort Lauderdale has a growing job market and is home to several higher education institutions. It also has several top-rated public and private schools in the area, making it an excellent place to raise a family. On the other hand, finding well-paying jobs in Miami can be challenging, and many schools have lower ratings than those in Fort Lauderdale.

Real Estate Prices

Real estate prices are among the most significant factors determining which location is better for home buyers. Fort Lauderdale is typically more affordable than Miami, making it an attractive option for home buyers on a budget. As per Zillow, the median home value in Fort Lauderdale is around $350,000, while Miami homes have a median home value of $400,000. Fort Lauderdale is the better option if someone is looking for a more cost-effective place to live.


 Is Fort Lauderdale a more affordable option for home buyers compared to Miami?

Yes, Fort Lauderdale tends to be more affordable than Miami regarding housing. While both cities have a range of real estate options, Fort Lauderdale often offers a more favorable cost of living and a variety of housing choices that may be more budget-friendly.

 Are there significant differences in the lifestyle between FL and Miami that could impact my home-buying decision?

Absolutely. Fort Lauderdale is often perceived as a more laid-back and family-friendly city than the vibrant and bustling Miami. Fort Lauderdale might be a better fit for you if you prefer a quieter atmosphere with a strong emphasis on waterfront living and outdoor activities.

How do the job markets in Fort Lauderdale and Miami compare, and how might this influence my decision as a home buyer?

Miami generally has a more extensive and diverse job market than Fort Lauderdale. If job opportunities and career growth are significant factors in your decision, Miami might be the preferred choice. However, Fort Lauderdale still has a growing job market, particularly in the maritime, technology, and healthcare sectors.

Which city offers better educational opportunities for families considering a move?

FL and Miami have reputable educational institutions, but the preference may depend on your needs. Fort Lauderdale is known for its strong public and private schools, making it an attractive option for families. With its diverse culture, Miami offers many educational opportunities, including internationally renowned universities.

What about the overall quality of life? Are there factors that make one city more appealing than the other for home buyers?

The overall quality of life is subjective and depends on personal preferences. Fort Lauderdale is often favored for its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and water-centric lifestyle. Conversely, Miami offers a vibrant cultural scene, diverse culinary experiences, and a more cosmopolitan lifestyle. Consider your priorities and lifestyle preferences when deciding on overall quality of life.


Ultimately, Fort Lauderdale and Miami offer fantastic weather, gorgeous beaches, and exciting nightlife. However, when it comes to home buying, Fort Lauderdale has much more to offer. From less traffic to a lower cost of living, a more relaxed lifestyle, better education opportunities, and real estate appreciation in Fort Lauderdale, it’s the better choice for homebuyers. So, if you’re looking for a new home in South Florida, we recommend giving Fort Lauderdale a closer look. You won’t be disappointed.

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