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Why Owning a Pacaso Second Home Is Better Than a Timeshare


One-of-a-kind homes

Pacaso is not just any home. We search for the most beautiful homes in the most desirable locations. Each home is unique and has a lot of WOW factors. Our professional interior designers then get to work selecting the right furnishings, modern amenities, and special touches that will make your home feel welcoming and comfortable every time you enter. Pacaso is a luxury single-family home that you can call your own home. A timeshare is almost always an apartment in a condo or hotel. You might expect a cookie-cutter layout and standard hotel-style furniture. There might be neighbors on both sides — make sure the soundproofing works. When you purchase a timeshare, you are among many owners who all own the same property and can use it simultaneously. Owning a Pacaso home means you’re part of an exclusive community of like-minded people.

Flexible usage

You don’t have to live in your Pacaso second home year-round. It’s better than buying into an actual timeshare because the price is fixed, there are no fees associated with staying at your property, and you can use it when you want to! A Pacaso share can include up to 44 nights of stay per year. This is more than six weeks. There are no restrictions on how many weeks you can stay in Pacaso. You don’t have to book weeklong stays and can plan a weekend escape or mid-week getaway, and you can do so anywhere from 8 days up to 24 months ahead. They can book short-notice stays as early as two days before your stay. You have also guaranteed one “special day” each year. This includes Independence Day, Christmas, and other federal holidays.

Although you might not get your first choice every single year, you will always be able to book dates up to two decades in advance so you have the chance to grab your preferred date. The Pacaso app allows you to book time at home. Based on how many shares you have, it’s simple to use and fair for owners.

Timeshares are often tied to a weekly fixed time, year after year when you purchase time. Although you may choose a floating week option, your options are limited to a specific date range. You can only check in on particular days and usually book a whole week. You can exchange points or use point-based systems to select different resorts. However, you will often have to pay more for better locations and availability. You may not get the holiday week you want if you have a fixed-weekly schedule.

Peace of Mind

The most significant distinction between Pacaso and a timeshare is that you own it. You can acquire Pacaso as a real estate asset. Your share isn’t simply a time block; it’s real property as well. It’s a real property asset that will increase in value with the market. This means any equity you realize is yours. You typically own the right to use the property, but not the actual property, when you buy a timeshare. You can’t get a conventional loan to buy a timeshare because there is no collateral other than time. The timeshare company offers financing, which is often at a high-interest rate. Some buyers can also get funds through personal loans or home equity loans.

A timeshare is not considered a real property asset. You will likely see its value decrease, just like a car that has lost its value after it is driven off the lot.

Seamless Resale

When it comes time to sell, Pacaso strides to make the process as easy and smooth as possible. Unlike other vacation properties where the resale process is long and tedious, Pacaso offers an easy solution. If you decide to sell your property in a year or two, there are no realtor commissions at all! You would keep 100 percent of the equity minus closing costs during purchase.

Pacaso provides exceptional second homes in prime locations. Pacaso’s pricing is transparent and fair. There are no hidden fees and no set schedules. You get to relax in your private oasis year-round, with Pacaso taking care of property maintenance and management. View our listings in the most popular destinations in the country. Click here to Get started or Call Now for more info!

We look forward to helping you secure a one-of-a-kind second home.

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