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Discovering the Best Zoo in Fort Lauderdale to Visit with Your Family

Fort Lauderdale has everything a family needs to live comfortably, including good schools, excellent parks, and exciting local attractions. And when it comes to animal exhibits, the city has a lot to offer as well. If you love spending time with animals, you’ll be delighted to know that Fort Lauderdale has one of the best zoos in the state. This award-winning zoo features numerous interactive exhibits, different species of animals, and many educational programs catered to all ages. Whether you’re a local or moved to Fort Lauderdale, you can read on and discover the best zoo to visit with your family.

Flamingo Gardens 

One of the few outdoor botanical gardens that include a wildlife sanctuary, Flamingo Gardens is a vast natural space home to many species of animals and birds. Among them, the ever-popular flamingos, native to the region, are the main attraction. Visitors will also be able to observe over 90 species of birds, big cats, alligators, black bears, and more. The highlight of this zoo, however, is the free-flight aviary, where visitors can enter and share the habitat of numerous species of birds and watch them take flight.

Butterfly World 

This zoo is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Fort Lauderdale, and a uniquely curated one at that. At Tradewinds Park, Butterfly World is a wonderland of flowers, gardens, and fluttering butterfly wings. Visitors can walk among various species of butterflies in an enclosed habitat while learning the intricacies of their life cycles, environments, and species. The park also houses various species of exotic birds, including parrots, lorikeets, and macaws, to name a few.

Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society

A short trip from Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Zoo has been serving the area since 1969 and has since grown into a conservation center that puts the welfare of animals at the forefront of their mission. The zoo’s habitats include various animal exhibits, ranging from a tropical rainforest, a safari exhibit, a Florida panther habitat, and a Malayan tiger habitat, to name a few. The zoo also holds many education programs about environmental conservation, animal welfare, and endangered species protection.

Miami Zoo 

Previously known as the Miami Metro Zoo but recently renamed to Zoo Miami, this location is the region’s biggest and most well-known zoo. It’s also one of the most significant in North America, boasting over 2,000 animals across 750 acres of land. Guests are invited to explore the animal exhibits, ranging from rare species of primates, predatory creatures, and aquatic life in specially curated habitats. What sets this zoo apart is its focus on celebrating animals and displaying their natural beauty in their homes instead of cages.

Flamingo Lake RV Resort 

Though not a standard zoo, it’s worth noting that if you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy Florida’s wildlife, Flamingo Lake RV Resort is the place to visit. This combined vacation spot and zoo is designed as a family-friendly experience, providing many interactive RVs, boat rentals, mini-golfing, and more. The zoo is full of roaming and caged species of Florida fauna, plus a few exotic critters thrown in for good measure.


 What makes the Fort Lauderdale Zoo the best in the area?

The Fort Lauderdale Zoo is committed to conservation, education, and immersive experiences. With a diverse range of animal exhibits and engaging programs, it offers a unique blend of entertainment and learning, making it the premier choice for wildlife enthusiasts in the region.

 What special exhibits can visitors expect at the Fort Lauderdale Zoo?

The zoo features captivating exhibits such as the Amazon Rainforest Adventure, where visitors can explore the wonders of the rainforest, and the Safari Serengeti, providing a glimpse into the vast African savannah. These exhibits and many others showcase various species in environments designed to mimic their natural habitats.

How does the Fort Lauderdale Zoo contribute to conservation efforts?

The Fort Lauderdale Zoo actively participates in global conservation initiatives, supporting breeding programs for endangered species and engaging in research projects. By promoting awareness about endangered animals and their ecosystems, the zoo plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of responsibility for wildlife preservation among its visitors.

Are there educational programs for children at the Fort Lauderdale Zoo?

Absolutely! The Fort Lauderdale Zoo places a strong emphasis on education, offering a variety of programs tailored for different age groups. From interactive exhibits to guided tours and workshops, children can learn about animals, ecosystems, and the importance of conservation in a fun and engaging way.

What amenities are available for visitors at the Fort Lauderdale Zoo?

The Fort Lauderdale Zoo has amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit. Facilities include dining options, souvenir shops, and convenient rest areas. Additionally, the zoo often hosts events and activities throughout the year, providing a dynamic and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages.


When looking for an excellent zoo, Fort Lauderdale has many great options. Flamingo Gardens, Butterfly World, Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society, Miami Zoo, and Flamingo Lake RV Resort are among them. Each zoo has something unique to offer, so whether you are looking for butterflies, big cats, birds, or a fun RV experience, you are guaranteed a grand adventure every time you visit. Regardless of which Fort Lauderdale zoo you choose to visit, each offers a unique opportunity to learn more about our planet’s animals and explore the wonders of nature with your family.

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